Dato: 05. Okt 2019

Sokndalsmestre i
 2017: Frank Tore Larsen
2014: Anders Grøndal
2013: Svein Frustøl
2012: Svein Frustøl
2011: Svein Frustøl 
2010: Anders Grøndal
2009: Pål Try









Rally Sokndal 2019

Info om årets rally
Løpet blir samme lengde som i 2017
Påmeldingsgebyr 3000,- for alle rallyklasser. 2000,- for Challenge 
Start første bil klokken 11.00. Gjennomkjøring åpent både fredag + lørdags formiddag. 

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Startkontigent 2017

Startkontigenten for årets rally er 3000,- 
Etteranmeldingsgebyr: 0,- 

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Påmelding til rally Sokndal 14. Oktober er nå åpnet


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Rally Sokndal 2017: Ny dato / New date

Vi i Sportskomiteen velger å lytte til deltakere og flytter Rally Sokndal fra 03 juni 2017 til den 14 Oktober 2017. Vi beklager at dette har skjedd og for dem som har meldt seg på løpet i denne omgang.

Vi håper det er flere deltakere som melder sin interesse for løpet i Oktober slik at vi får avholdt løp i 2017. Mer info om løpet og opplegget rundt vil komme fremover på rallysokndal.no og vår Facebook gruppe.


The sporting committee has decided to listen to participants and move Rally Sokndal from 3rd June 2017 to 14th October 2017. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and for the participants who already has signed up for the rally.

We hope for more interest and competitors in our October edition of Rally Sokndal. More info will be announced soon on rallysokndal.no and our Facebook group.


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Rally Sokndal 2017: Påmelding åpnet / Entry open


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News for 2017 event

Supplementary regulations and entry will open soon.


General rally Information:

  • Rally date is 3 June 2017.
  • Three stages run twice giving a total of 80km full speed.
  • 3000 NOK entry fee (Foreign competitors 150 Euro entry fee).
  • High speed, jumps and very technical stages.
  • Part of West Euro Cup.
  • Some of Norway`s wildest tarmac stages.
  • Reconnaissance open entire Friday. Limited to two passes.
  • Check in and scrutineering Friday afternoon/evening.
  • Inboard of all stages available on website.
  • Service area will have a kiosk and VIP area.
  • Rally party after prize ceremony.


SS 1/3 Eia (Fv501) and SS 2/4 Glubå (Fv1) will be run in a loop with service and refuel after SS2 and SS4. SS 5/6 Nesvåg will be run twice and end the rally.


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Rally Sokndal 2017

This years Rally Sokndal will be hosted on June 3rd.
More info coming soon.
See our Facebook page for overview of stages

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Due to unforseen circumstances, the 2016 rally plans have been cancelled. We are very sorry for this development. 

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News for 2016; Possible rally September 3rd.

Inspired by our roads, we are in preparations for a Rally Sokndal 2016, hosted on September 3rd. 

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Anders Grøndal takes the honours

Grøndal wins the 2014 edition of buy abortion pill Rally Sokndal, big fight for second Place among the R2's.  

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