Dato: 05. Okt 2019

Sokndalsmestre i
 2017: Frank Tore Larsen
2014: Anders Grøndal
2013: Svein Frustøl
2012: Svein Frustøl
2011: Svein Frustøl 
2010: Anders Grøndal
2009: Pål Try









News for 2017 event 

Supplementary regulations and entry will open soon.


General rally Information:

  • Rally date is 3 June 2017.
  • Three stages run twice giving a total of 80km full speed.
  • 3000 NOK entry fee (Foreign competitors 150 Euro entry fee).
  • High speed, jumps and very technical stages.
  • Part of West Euro Cup.
  • Some of Norway`s wildest tarmac stages.
  • Reconnaissance open entire Friday. Limited to two passes.
  • Check in and scrutineering Friday afternoon/evening.
  • Inboard of all stages available on website.
  • Service area will have a kiosk and VIP area.
  • Rally party after prize ceremony.


SS 1/3 Eia (Fv501) and SS 2/4 Glubå (Fv1) will be run in a loop with service and refuel after SS2 and SS4. SS 5/6 Nesvåg will be run twice and end the rally.


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